HDFC Bank Personal Loans

HDFC Bank Personal Loan

Processing Fee

Loan Amount
₹ 15 Lacs Max.
1 - 5 Years


How long will it take for my Personal loan to be disbursed?

Once your loan application is approved, it will take only 48 hours to disburse the loan amount into your bank account.


Is there any special benefit on availing of HDFC Personal loan?

As a customer of HDFC Bank, you’ll get many offers when availing a HDFC Personal Loan, such as –


Do I have an option to pre-close my HDFC Personal Loan? What are the applicable charges for prepayment of the loan?

Yes, you can pre-close your HDFC Bank Personal Loan. However, the prepayment can be made until the first 12 EMIs are paid. A charge of 4% of Principal Outstanding will be levied to the customer if prepayment is done in 13-24 Months of loan disbursement, 3% and 2% of Principal Outstanding if done after 25-36 Months and more than 36 Months respectively.


Is there are any charges for NOC (No Objection Certificate)?

There are no charges applicable for the issuance of NOC of the Personal Loan.


Is there are any charges for Duplicate NOC (No Objection Certificate)?

No, there is no fee applicable on the issuance of a duplicate No Objection Certificate.


What are the minimum and maximum processing charges on HDFC Personal Loan?

The processing charges depends on the loan amount to be availed, and can range between Rs. 1,000 to maximum Rs. 25000 for Salaried Customers.


Is there any charges applicable on switching the interest rate from Floating to Fixed?

No, there is no fee applicable on switching to Fixed interest rate from Floating.


Can I reschedule or postpone my EMI?

Yes, you can reschedule your EMIs. HDFC Bank will levied a charge of Rs. 200 on you for rescheduling EMIs for your Personal Loan.


What are the applicable charges for CIBIL report copy?

HDFC Bank charges Rs. 50 for each copy of CIBIL Report.


What are the costs associated with availing of a Personal Loan?

Availing of a Personal Loan attracts several charges, which is paid by the borrower. Here is a list of charges associated with HDFC Personal Loan –


How can I repay my HDFC Personal Loan?

You can repay the your personal loan in EMIs, paid through PDCs (Post-Dated Cheques). You can also give Standing Instruction (SI) or to debit your HDFC Bank account with the EMI amount or pay through ECS (Electronic Clearance System in case of Non-HDFC bank account.


How does a HDFC Salary Account help me get Personal loan?

An existing customer who owns HDFC Salary account, get preferred rate of interest and processing fee. Since you are an existing HDFC customer, you don’t need to provide all the documents when applying for HDFC personal loan.


What is Guarantor?

A Guarantor is a person who guarantees to pay for your debt if you got default on a loan obligation.


What will be done with the post dated cheques if I request to change the mode of repayment / account for my loan?

Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) submitted towards the repayment of the loan, that have not been encashed, will be defaced and retained by the Bank.

In case, you wish to have your old PDCs to be returned, you need to file a request at the HDFC Retail Loan Service Center or through HDFC PhoneBanking or contact through email at within 45 days from the date of application of change in repayment instructions. 

In case, no request is made by you in within the stipulated period, the defaced cheques will be destroyed.


How can I change the mode of repayment/ account for my personal loan? And, what are the applicable charges?

If you wish to change the mode of repayment instrument or bank account for repayment of your loan, you may visit the nearest the Retail Loan Service Center and submit your request with the revised account instructions.

A service charge of Rs. 500 is applicable for changes in loan repayment instructions, given by a non-HDFC Bank Account (ECS or PDC facility). A cheque / pay-order / demand draft for Rs. 500 favouring “HDFC Bank Ltd Loan Account No. < >” will be necessary along with the revised set of repayment instructions.