State Bank of India (SBI) Personal Loans

SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan

Interest Rate
11.90% - 15%

Processing Fee

1 - 5 Years

SBI Pension Loan

Processing Fee

1 - 7 Years


SBI Personal Loan SBI personal loan can be availed for any legitimate purposes such as expenses for domestic or foreign travel, medical treatment of self or a family member, meeting any financial liability such as marriage of son/daughter, defraying educational expenses of wards, meeting margins for purchase of assets and other financial requirements if the borrower has the ability to pay back. SBI offers personal loan to salaried individuals and self-employed professionals such as chartered accountants, architects and doctors etc. with minimum two years work experience. The loan amount which you can get as SBI personal loan is dependent on your income and repayment capacity. Do you have sufficient amount of fund for any sudden event or expenses required to be met for some medical emergency? No? Or do you think that your Child?’s education or marriage budget may exceed which are termed as one of the most special moments in your life but funds are not sufficient in your saving bank account? What should you do to meet this additional requirement of funds? The most viable option is to go for personal loan for any such requirement for an emergency. SBI Personal Loan is the solution to fulfill your need and desire whenever there is any shortage in funding. SBI Personal Loan Features: Purpose: SBI Personal loan will be granted to individuals who are in need for the immediate amount of fund required for any legal events such as marriage and education of son or daughter, Margin for purchase of assets, Vacation and Medical treatment etc. Loan will not be sanctioned for any speculative activity. Eligibility: Resident Indian, Salaried Individuals of good corporate, Self-employed, Doctor, Architect, Chartered Accountant, MBA with minimum two years of position. Loan will be approved on the basis of Credit Report. Loan amount: Loan amount will depend upon your income and repayment capacity. Personal Loan is sanctioned without any collateral security and margin amount. It takes up to 3 days to get the loan amount disburse. Minimum Income: Maximum Loan amount: Rs. 24,000/- in metro & urban city Rs. 10,000/- in rural/semi-urban city 12 times of net monthly income for salaried and pensioners up to ceiling of Rs.10 lakhs SBI Personal Loan Documentation: For salaried individuals, latest salary slip and Form 16 For self- employed and professionals, Proof of official address Passport size photograph SBI Personal Loan Interest Rates: 8.50% above Base Rate floating, currently 18.50% p.a. Repayment term: 48 months Processing fees: 2.02%-3.03% of the loan amount. Prepayment penalty: NIL Since personal loans are granted without any tangible security the rate of interest charged is relatively higher and are available selectively. However if you can offer any tangible security like gold jewelry, high surrender value insurance policies you can get loans at cheaper rates.


FAQs –


How much time it will take for the approval of Personal Loan?

It will take at least 2 to 3 days for the approval of SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan.


Is there any special benefit on availing SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan?

You don’t have to pay any prepayment charges if the account is closed from the proceeds of a new loan account opened under the same scheme.


What is the applicable interest rate slab for SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan?

If you are an employee of Rated Corporates, an interest rate of 11.90% to 14.50% will be applicable. And, if you are an employee of Unrated Corporates, an interest rate of 12.65% to 14.75% will be applicable.

Being an IT employee, an interest rate of 12.90% - 14.90% will be applicable. If you’re a Non-Permanent Employees (NPEs), then an interest rate of 12.40% - 14.75% will be charged.